Nursery Garden

There has been a good number of strawberries this year in the Nursery bed and even a second crop in September. The peas in the Reception bed were a great success and the children were just encouraged to help themselves to the pods when they were outside.

Year 1 have had a prolific bean crop (french and runner) over the Summer and we still had enough to hand over to Mrs Sanders to serve at lunchtime before the bean frame blew over in the high winds. We also cropped the lettuce before the holidays and sent each child home with a bag of washed salad. The sunflowers are still standing and there are also lots of apples which we hope will be used in classroom cooking.

If you would like to be involved with our nursery garden, then please contact me on 01661 852835.

Claire Stubbs

School Choir

Wylam First School choir is open to all children in Years 2, 3 and 4. We meet every Friday lunchtime (12.30 - 1:00) in the nursery classroom. We sing a wide variety of songs and the emphasis is always on having fun. We have performed at a wide variety of venues throughout the North East. Read more about it here.